Rather than working for a part-time job that pays a few bucks, it is better to spend the summers in any part-time or full-time internship programs. Any grad student or undergraduate can secure an internship in order to gain valuable experience in a field of his choice.

Why? An internship can help you choose your career path if you are still wondering about it. If you are a grad or post-grad student, then you may have already chosen a career path and can choose an internship according to that. But for those who are still wondering about what will they do, internships can be a great way to find out. There are websites like LinkedIn can help you to get an internship of your choice.

Most of the internships are paid so; you will earn a good deal of money in your free time. Secondly, you can get an invaluable experience and an early career start than that of your peers. You will also learn plenty of things apart from work like teamwork and handling responsibilities and pressure. It will also give you an edge over other candidates once you are in the market after studies.
So, this summer or holiday, secure an internship for you to refine yourself.